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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Avatar Couples

This segment is called Avatar Couples. Avatar Couples is about the cutest, most match worthy pairs on Avatar. Some of these are not actual couples, but some people think they would still make good couples.
First off we have........... Sokka and Suki! This cute couple are a mix of a kyoshi warrior and a Southern Water Tribe fighter. Here are a few cute pics.

Character Review: Zuko

Name: Zuko
Age: 16
Place of Birth: The Fire Nation
Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Crush/Spouse: Mai(Girlfriend)
Job: Training Aang, Firelord
Lives: Abroad(season 1), Ba Sing Sa (season 2), and The Fire Nation and Abroad(season 3).
Family: Father: Ozi, Mother: Ursa, Sister: Azula, Uncle: Iroh, Step-sister: Kiyi.
Status: Wanted, Banished, Firelord, AWESOME!
Rating: Amazing!
Quote:Prince Zuko: Not up to anything, huh? 
Sokka: Fine. You caught me. I'm going to rescue my father. Happy now? 
Zuko: I'm never happy. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Avatar in Real Life

This segment is called Avatar in Real Life. Avatar in Real Life is pictures that were created by drawing, computers, and Photoshop. Here are a few of them:



This Blog is dedicated to Avatar: the last air bender! My Fav characters would be Toph, Zuko, and Mai.
I love Toph for her spunk and ideas. Zuko is totally hot and has a sad story,  ( for character reviews look in Character sections.) and I love how he is always searching for something ( Aang, Honour, his mom, Azula, and his uncle). Mai is so gloomy how can you not love her? But in truth, I love each and every character. From Sokka to Suki, from Ty Lee to Iroh, and Azula to Katara. So, Avatar fans, Love the relationships, the battles, the drama, the  Avatar awesomeness!